Crisis Managment


Partner’s Assistant:

Ahmed Rafeek

[email protected]

+202 257 57 316

About the program

This program aims to provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the Basics of risk management and its steps in various corporate. This program will discuss the activities of risk management which concerns risk evaluation, how to control and how to manage risk, Also this program discusses case studies about various types of risks.

Learning outcomes
At the end of the program, participants should be able to:
  • Explain the Basics and steps of risk management.
  • Describe the techniques for risk management
  • Identify risk evaluation.
  • Explain how to control risk.
  • Put the right program for risk management for persons and corporate.
Who should attend

This program is made available to people who attended to risk management and controlling loss. Who work as risk manager and their assistants.

Program outline
  • The concept of risk and its contents (Risk- Risk types- Elements effecting in risk- Loss and its types ).
  • Risk management (Concept of risk management- Risk management methods )
  • Risk evaluation ( Preparing a complete risk management program –Steps of risk management- Evaluating losses in life risks- Evaluating losses in property risks- Evaluating losses in liability risks)
  • Controlling risk ( Life risks control- Property risks control –Liability risks control)
  • Preparing risks management program (Identify risks- Insurance as risk management method – Complete insurance program- Every activity will have a different program)
  • Case studies.